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試験科目:ASIS Certified Protection Professional
問題と解答:全770問 ASIS-CPP 問題数

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NO.1 In order for an insurance policy to cover a burglary, there must be:
A. Evidence of forcible entry
B. All of the above
C. A police report
D. A police investigation
E. Photos of the stolen property
Answer: E

ASIS-CPP 購入   

NO.2 The general rule as to the amount of force a guard is permitted to use in order to accomplish a
arrest is:
A. Only such force as is reasonably necessary
B. The maximum amount
C. The amount needed to ensure the guard is not injured
D. Up to and including deadly force
Answer: A

ASIS-CPP 口コミ   ASIS-CPP 攻略   

NO.3 The procedure by which a defendant in a criminal case petitions the court to allow an
inspection of certain
items in the possession of the prosecution is known as:
A. None of the above
B. Discovery
C. Estoppel
D. Voir dire
E. Venue
Answer: B

ASIS-CPP 過去問   

NO.4 In meeting federal specifications, insulated units must have the following fire-resistant
minimum ratings:
A. Class 150: two hours
B. Class 150: four hours
C. Class 350: one hour
D. Class 350: four hours
E. Class 350: three hours
Answer: C

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